Harmony Park Safari 🦒

The Harmony Park Safari in Huntsville, Alabama

Hey Y’all!

If you love animals then Harmony Park Safari is for you. The Harmony Park Safari is a drive-through park that offers you the chance to feed the animals! They have such a fun assortment of beautiful creatures. On our safari we saw Deer, Emus, Alpacas, Buffalo, a Camel, a Giraffe, Cows, Rams, Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Ostrich, Llamas, Alligators, Geese, Kangaroos, so many different types of animals! Fun for all ages, this is a “can’t miss” if you’re traveling through Alabama.

The park is located at:

431 Clouds Cove Road

Huntsville, Alabama 35803

Operating Time: 10:00am- around sunset

Price for admission is $10 per person. This includes multiple drive-throughs, which you will want to take full advantage of. They sell feeding buckets for $4.00 a bucket. Here’s a Tip: You’ll want more than one. We had two buckets and even that wasn’t enough! We were scraping food off the floor of the car about half-way through. We also chose to pay $15 to rent one of their vehicles. I’m so glad we did! Some of the animals jump up on the sides of the car and some animals have horns or antlers that can scratch your paint job. I HIGHLY recommend renting one of their cars. For three people, a car rental, and two buckets of food, we paid $55.

After paying and getting our food and rental, my mom, grandmother and I, began our hour-long (depending on how long the animals keep you there. Just like Disney’s Kilimanjaro Safaris, the animals dictate the pace) journey through this perfect park. We were immediately bombarded with deer surrounding our vehicle. We went through a whole bucket with the deer alone. We poked our way through the deer to get to the emus, ostrich, alpacas, geese, and then, we arrived to the cows and buffalo. The buffalo was my favorite!

There are rules given out at the entrance that tell you to throw the food away from the car, no arms, legs, heads outside the windows, no getting out of the car, etc. We had no idea what to do when the cows, ostrich, and buffalo STUCK THEIR HEADS INSIDE THE CAR! We were laughing so hard! (These animals were so sweet and gentle around us but, just a warning, these are wild animals and you can get hurt so, please, follow the rules of the park for your safety.) After the drive-through, we were ready to see the pigs! The park offers free popcorn cups to feed the little piggies with. Even the peacocks will come up for some popcorn.

My mom, grandmother, and I had such a blast visiting this place. We will definitely be back and will buy at least four buckets of food next time! I recommend going right as the park opens, as the animals were active and coming right up to the cars for food. They had hay laid out for their breakfast but I think they prefer the pellets you get to hand out :) This unexpected road-trip turned into a “we’ll never forget this” memory. 10/10 recommend Harmony Park Safari!

Happy Adventuring!

Hollie :)


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